Weekly Summary

This week I completed 10 stars worth of Design Assignments as well as the Super Tattoo assignment.

The first assignment I tackled was One Story/Four Icons. I used four icons to represent one of my favorite movies, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I had a hard time at first deciding what movie would be a good fit for this assignment. I wanted the icons to represent “iconic” (pun intended) moments in the movie to make it a little easier to guess. I also thought Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a classic movie and one that most people have seen.


The next assignment I completed was the Character Wordcloud. I used the character I created, Madame Polygraph to create a wordcloud of words that describe who she is and what kind of super power she had. I used warm colors and curvy font to create a more feminine look to the shape of the wordcloud.


Another fun assignment this week was creating a logo for a fictional company. I used the character Gossip Girl from the TV show “Gossip Girl” as my inspiration. I used canva.com to create a logo for the fictional blogger. I titled this post Branding Gossip Girl.


Finally, I used my character Madame Polygraph for inspiration again in creating a Super Tattoo. I used a sound wave design and suggested that she have the design tattooed on her foot as a symbol of her super power.

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