Weekly Summary: Week Nine

For my choice of assignments this week I chose “Photo Through Different Lenses” where I took an everyday object, like a pen, and photographed it in unique ways. I documented my process in A pen is a pen, unless….

This week I also completed six stars of web assignments. I started with making a “Finsta” for my superhero, Madame Polygraph. I used my school email address to create her Instagram account and posted her first picture. I blogged about it in my post Insta Madame Polygraph. This was worth 3.5 stars.

For my last 2.5 stars I did GoogleDraw and called it Pictionary 2.0. I thought it was a lot of fun and actually ended up doing it a few times. I think my best score was 4/6 that Google guessed pretty quickly. The most challenging ones that came up were a mermaid, a sandwich, and an alligator.


I missed daily creates for this week.

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