Vonnegut Analysis on “Superman” Episode 1

Kurt Vonnegut is definitely onto something to point out the stories have shapes that can be drawn off of an axis. There is a typical “normal” that sets the axis at zero. Then from “normal” things can either go bad or good. In the first episode of “Superman” that I watched, the “normal” started off in an office setting at a typical day at work until they received the letter from the mad scientist. From there things take a dip below normal as there was a warning of destruction given and Lois Lane was headed to get the story, but we all know Superman was a better fit for the dangerous task. The danger increases and the story line continues downward as the machine is started, and Lois Lane is captured. The destruction begins and the story line continues downward because there doesn’t seem to be any hope, until Clark Kent hears that Lois Lane has been captured and declares this a “job for Superman.” The music picks up and the story lines take a turn upward as Superman flies out of the window and saves a building from collapsing. The mad scientist however increases the machines power in hopes he will be able to defeat Superman and he is proving to be successful. The story line take another downward turn as we begin losing hope for Superman. But, then he gets up from his fallen state, the music perks up and Superman is back at it, shielding the city from the destructive rays. He is able to free Lois Lane and save the life of the mad scientist before the building explodes making the story line take a sharp turn upward and possible over the “normal” line. With the mad scientist behind bars and newspaper article published, Superman returns to Clark Kent and the story line evens out back at the “normal” point.


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