Today’s Nap Time Was Not Long Enough

Remember when you used to HATE taking a nap when you were a kid? Your parents usually insisted upon it saying something like “You need your sleep” or “If you want to be big and strong like Iron Man/Captain America,/the Hulk/Whichever one is your favorite for this immediate 10 minutes, then
you need to take your nap.” Naps may have even be accompanied by a small bribe of some sort such as “If you want to have a cookie after lunch you need to take your nap.” At some point in your life you started getting busier, waking up earlier and craving that hour or two in the afternoon when you could just lay down and not do anything. You may be looking forward to a lazy Saturday in your pajamas with Netflix constantly asking you if you were “still watching.” Then, you get to a point in your life when nap time has nothing to do with relaxation.
For me nap time typically starts with a process of a snack, diaper change, the daily search for “snuggle buggles” and “things” (pacifiers), then down goes the one year old and then the fight begins with the two year old. Some days are easier than others and today was an easier day (YAY!). Then the clock begins and I typically have anywhere from 45-90 minutes to focus on something else besides my two youngest kids (like homework). Today, nap time only lasted about 30 minutes and now I have a two year old eating popcorn sitting next to me.
My name is Amanda. I’m a senior at the University of Mary Washington majoring in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. I’m also a mom of three, Taurean is 9, Tristan is 2 and Tatum is 1. To be honest, I am only blogging as a requirement of an online class (DS106). If I were to have a personal blog it would most likely feature my three kids and the circus that is our daily life in our multi-generational household. My audience would probably only consist of my family (just to see what I’ve written about them.) My Grandpapa wrote an award winning blog in the last years of his life and it is an amazing resource of family stories and memories. I would hope that my blog would be the same resource for my kids.
Well, the popcorn is all gone and Tristan has began shoving a bucket on my head as a “hat.” I would say this is an appropriate time to end my first blog.

Until next time…


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