Taurean Christian Easter

For five stars worth of credit I completed an assignment that required me to make a video of someone special to me. I chose my oldest son Taurean as the feature for this project. I went through some photos I had digital copies of and used Windows Movie Maker to put them to some music. This project was definitely more time consuming than I had initially anticipated. I chose my son Taurean to feature in this project because he is the one person who made me “mom.” These days I feel as though him and I get less and less one on one time. His schedule fills up pretty quickly with football practices, football games, student leader meetings, etc. and my schedule is just as full with classes, an internship, and whatever appointments are necessary between my three kids. We connect the most in the car on the way to or from somewhere. We talk about the day, who “mossed” who at recess, and he will usually tell me a joke or “roast.” It was fun going through some old pictures of him as he has grown. It makes my heart ache a bit to realize he is only getting older and is becoming more like a young man, but he will always be my baby in my heart.

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