Super106 Thoughts

According to the Wikipedia link, Merriam Webster defines a superhero as  “a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers; also: an exceptionally skillful or successful person”. I particularly liked this definition more than the other definition that only includes the cartoon version of superheroes that we all think of. “An exceptionally skillful or successful person should be considered a hero. The time and devotion it takes to be considered exceptionally skillful in something should be considered heroic, especially in this day and age where it is so easy to learn something “good enough” and in quick ways like YouTube videos. Success should also be considered heroic. The heroic aspects of success include the fulfillment of one’s self aspirations as an inspiration for others to strive to achieve their goals to achieve success. Yes, as children we grow up believing that a superhero had a mask and cool costume, but as adults we seen heroes very differently. We can see them in our daily lives and maybe even idolize them. I believe in ordinary people being capable of extraordinary things and when such occasions arise, that’s when a hero emerges.

For the purposes of this course I think the theme will be fun to work with. I agree that we can take the theme in a multitude of different directions. I have already mentioned the Marvel characters in my work this semester and I’m sure it won’t be difficult to continue using them as well as DC Comic characters. I think the challenge would be to find the heroic qualities in the people in our daily lives. Maybe analyzing their qualities and aligning them with heroic qualities will help us have a greater appreciation for their role in our lives and the lives they impact.

Heroes walk among us every day, its just a matter of recognizing them for what they do.

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