Summary: Week Two

This week I have made an effort to complete three Daily Creates. They didn’t require much work, but more thoughtful insight. The first Daily Create I completed was on Monday, September 4th. I gave my idea on what the fourth law of robotics should be.

The second daily create I completed was on Tuesday, September 5th. I made an attempt at pronouncing a word I had never seen before. I used SoundCloud to record myself.

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My best 2 tries at pronouncing a really long word… #ds106dc #ds106 #tdc2066

— Amanda Pennington (@Ms_AmandaP) September 6, 2017


Finally, my third daily create was complete on Wednesday, September 6th. I created a “Harsh Truths” poster. I thought it would give light to the harsh truth to show a comical failure, like the dog not being close to catching the frisbee, but trying so hard anyways.

@ds106dc #tdc2067 “Failures are inevitable and necessary”

— Amanda Pennington (@Ms_AmandaP) September 6, 2017

This week I also completed three assignments from the assignment bank. I chose assignments from the visual, audio and video categories.


My first assignment completed was the visual assignment which you can check out in my blog post, Cool College Collage. I used personal photos, google images, clip art and different fonts, color and size to complete a collage on Microsoft word.

My second assignment completed was the audio assignment, which can be found in my blog post titled Real Houswives of…. The most difficult part of this assignment was realizing I had mistakenly made two SoundCloud accounts, one on my phone and one online. So, when I recorded my tagline on my phone, it didn’t show up on my computer, so I condensed accounts and re did it. Then edited to a final cut and uploaded just to realize something else went wrong because I uploaded a 0 second sound clip! So one more attempt finally led me to the finished product.

My last assignment I completed this week was a video assignment. I made a video of “A Day in the Life of My Feet.” I took several short videos of me walking from one activity to the next and complied them all into one longer video. I couldn’t necessarily capture every walking moment, but did my best to give the viewer an idea of my day’s activities and make a substantial video. I downloaded the Magisto app I found available in the Google Play store. It puts together clips and photos I select and even had filter and music options. The app then put together the clips into a movie. I wrote more about my video assignment in my blog post One Step at a Time.

This week I also took a few minutes to update my website with a new theme and color scheme. I wrote a short “About Me” for my website. I feel as though I have been talking a lot about myself in my posts and projects so I wanted to keep my “About Me” short to try and prevent readers from seeing the same information again and again.

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