Summary: Week Three

This week was a crazy week. I looked a daily creates more than three times this week, but kept putting them off. That was a bad idea as I only has three days to complete three daily creates and I forgot one of those days, so I have these two to share with you.



#tdc2076 Today’s #ds106 Daily Create is this picture I took in April of 2015. Downtown Washington D.C. during the cherry blossom festival!

— Amanda Pennington (@Ms_AmandaP) September 15, 2017


I also wrote a few blog posts keeping our superhero theme in mind. The first one being a reflection on superheroes titled Reflecting on Superheroes. 

Next, I watched a episode 1 of “Superman” and a YouTube video on the Shape of Stories by Vonnegut. I then wrote a post analyzing the “Superman” episode using the shape of stories method. That blog post can be found here.

Then, I created a new character called The Beast.  I also completed a character dossier form for this character and wrote a blog introducing him.

For the writing assignments I completed one of the given prompts. I created a superhero using an online generator. She is a heroine called Madame Polygraph.  She can instantly tell if someone is lying. I wrote a blog about a day in her life.

I also completed “eight stars worth” of other writing assignment. A letter For My Mom… was worth four stars. A quirky nonsensical story A-Z  was worth three stars. Finally, finding a blog post written by an inspiring voice was worth one star. This was my favorite task this week as it allowed me to stroll down memory lane. Exile in Portales is my Grandfather’s blog. I chose to feature one of his entries about laundry and procrastination. I think his humor, wit and personality are pretty clear in that post, but I’d invite anyone to take a closer look at his blog. He was really funny, enjoyed good beer, old scotch and expensive cigars. He liked riding motorcycles, driving fun cars and “shooting the shit.” He was the best story teller I’ve ever known.

“Take Aways” from week three include 1) Not letting the daily creates get pushed to the end of the week 2) Reading assignments as soon as possible. I let life get a hold of my time too much this week and let the convenience of an online class get the best of my time early in the week.

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