Summary: Week Seven

This week I began working with my group to brainstorm and conceptualize a radio show that will last approximately 30-42 minutes. We collaborated on brainstorming in a Google doc and I wrote a post reflecting on this week’s progress titled Radio Show: Week One

I also completed a couple daily creates. The first of which I completed on Wednesday.

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@ds106dc #tdc2102 “Help! The remote is on the other end of the couch and I just got comfortable!”

— Amanda Pennington (@Ms_AmandaP) October 11, 2017

The second I completed on Thursday. The challenge for the day was to create a video of “something fast.” I chose a video of my boyfriend running and pushing our youngest son on a pedal car at the pumpkin patch a couple weekends ago. It may not seem fast, but for a 2 year old (without a helmet!) it was very fast for his Mama.
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@ds106dc Here is my “SomethingFast!” for today’s daily create #tdc2103 via @YouTube

— Amanda Pennington (@Ms_AmandaP) October 12, 2017


I also completed additional audio assignments. The first was a spooky Halloween track. I used sounds I downloaded from Soundbible and I used Audacity to layer them and edit them together. You can hear the full track in my post Spooky Halloween Track.

The second assignment was a phone conversation with myself. I recorded myself talking to myself as two different people then used Audacity to change one of the voices a little bit to make it sound like a different person. You can check out my conversation in my post It’s Friday night…want to go out?


I worked on created a logo for the radio station that will feature our radio show. “Superhero Crime-Fighting And Reporting” Network has begun to take shape with some promotional materials and the beginnings of a great radio show. I discussed more of what I used to make the logo and the thought process behind it all in a post titled Superhero Crime-Fighting And Reporting Logo.

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