Summary: Week One

Week one in DS106 swiftly gave me a reality check when I realized just how much work this class requires. My week began with registering my own domain name through Domain of One’s Own. I didn’t get too creative with my domain name selection, just simply my name with middle initial. It was much easier and quicker than finding a twitter name. I then installed WordPress on my webpage to be able to blog easily. I then wrote my first blog post,  Today’s Naptime Was Not Long Enough . I was then able to register my blog on the DS106 website for everyone to see! The next step was registering for all the different social media accounts I would need for this course. I did get a head start on this before the semester “officially” started on the 28th of August, but didn’t get to know their functions well enough to make my first use of them for this course seamless. Once I had all these accounts up and running I began to use them to introduce myself to the rest of DS106 community.

I began with my video introduction on YouTube. 

After I completed my video I moved onto my first tweet. It took me sometime to find the embed function on my tweet because the YouTube tutorials I was watching showed it in a different location, there must have been an update that moved it.

Next I uploaded my first photo on Flickr.
Summer Lovin' Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

My last social media introduction was through the application SoundCloud. I chose the song “Holding Out For A Hero” sang by Ella Mae Bowen.

My thoughts on the superhero theme was the next topic to blog about, I titled it Super106 Thoughts. And finally, I have summarized my week’s work in a blog post titled Summary: Week One. 

This wraps up DS106 boot camp for me!

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