Summary: Week Four

I enjoyed this week’s daily creates more than last week’s.

I enjoyed taking different shadow pictures for the September 19th daily create. We got to the playground at about 6pm and it was the perfect time to get some great shadow pics.


The September 22nd daily create was my favorite this week!

I did the tongue twister daily create and posted it to SoundCloud and thought I has posted it to twitter, but it appears its not there. I shared it to twitter today, but completed it on the day of.


This week I worked on some visual assignments. The first one I completed was “Selfie” with a Shepard. This one wasn’t a difficult task to complete and it took me down memory lane.

Next, I made a collage of photos that corresponded with things I want to do or accomplish from my “bucket list.” I didn’t necessarily have a lot of ideas of what I should have on a bucket list, but I’m glad this assignment made me think about doing more things myself and for myself. I titled this post List of buckets…or Bucket list?

I documented superheroes doing real life tasks in my post The Life of a Superhero. Thankfully, I have plenty of superhero garb on hand. Unfortunately, my ideal Ironman was unavailable to be documented in his “real life” as he was hoping to preserve his superhero mystique (or wanting to chill out before football practice). Luckily, Batman and Supergirl didn’t have any objections to a photo or to taking the dog for a walk.


Finally, I completed a Ready, set, photoblitz! I thought it was an interesting assignment, but didn’t necessarily understand how I was supposed to tell the story of a building through a photo of it. I kept thinking of the buildings around me and what stories would people think were being told by the photo opportunities I had. I didn’t complete that photo.



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