Summary: Week 10

Holy moly! What a week! This week was super busy for ds106 assignments. But, one must carry on…and that we did.


First up, the daily creates! I always forget about these until the last 48 hours. Luckily, only two were required this week!



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@ds106 #tdc2125 Students should decide on a pledge they think is important and pledge to maintain those beliefs daily! Like this example:

— Amanda Pennington (@Ms_AmandaP) November 3, 2017


Then there was the video essay. I used Windows Movie Maker to create the video essay and had help from 4k Video Downloader to get a film clip downloaded from YouTube. Check out my video essay on a scene from one of my favorite movies “Good Will Hunting” in my blog post “Your move, chief.”


I opted to do a few video assignments this week. The first assignment I chose was a 4.5 star “highlight reel” of a favorite actor/actress. I was inspired (after watching my video essay clip so many times) to do a Robin Williams highlight reel. Check it out in my blog post “One of The Greats.” Next, I did a 5 star montage of someone who is special to me. I chose my oldest son, because he is the one person who made me a Mom. Ooh and aww at all his cute pictures in the montage located in my blog titled “Taurean Christian Easter.”


Last, I did the Life Hack assignment option. I recorded a video using my phone and used Windows Movie Maker to edit it into a finished product. Want to know an easy way to separate egg whites? See the video on my blog post titled “I’ll have eight egg whites.”

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