“Selfie” with a Shepard

This is my favorite photo of my favorite dog, Argus (shh, don’t tell the other dogs). My family adopted Argus as a puppy all the way back in 1997. This photo was taken Summer 2007 in the midst of a move half way cross the country. All the furniture was already gone and the entire family “camped out” in the only room in the house with carpet. At some point in the night Argus thought he’d be more comfortable sharing my pillow. Waking up to doggie breath is not the best way to wake up, especially after a night spent sleeping on the floor.
Not exactly a selfie, but one of my favorite photos of my favorite dog and I. Argus joined my family when I was just 7 years old, here 10 years later we were "camping" out in the only carpeted room in an empty house. We were getting ready to move and all

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