Saving The Beast, Part 1

For my final project, I will be working on my own to show in three different forms of media how the character “The Beast” will cope with losing his powers and how he will learn he can continue to fight against bullies and bullying in schools as a “regular kid.”

I will use video, audio, and probably design to portray this evolution of superhero to a normal kid. Using audio, I think it would be useful for “The Beast” to have a sort of “diary” or “journal” entry in the form of a personal podcast where he discusses how he’s realizing that he is losing his powers.

Next, I will used design to create an anti-bullying visual that will be portrayed as designed by “The Beast” as a new way to advocate against bullying now that he doesn’t have his powers to influence bullies to stop bullying.

Finally, I will use video to conduct an interview with “The Beast” as an adult. It will be designed to be a reflective interview where he will compare using his powers versus being normal and advocating against bullying.


I look forward to completing the final project for this class!

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