Reflecting on Superheroes

Reading the article “How Ancient Legends Gave Birth to Modern Superheroes,” gave me a deeper insight as to what determines a superhero in the genre. I liked that they use a scale method versus a simple “yes/no” approach. I think heroes can be all types of “people” with different intentions and backgrounds, but that shouldn’t exclude any one in particular based on one criteria. Themes that are pretty common throughout many superhero stories are the good versus evil, the fight against time, the humility that comes with being a superhero. In the first episode of “Superman,” Clark Kent overhears Lois Lane getting the recognition of the capture of the mad scientist, and although she thanks Superman, Clark Kent must be humble enough to forego that recognition for himself. If he would claim to be Superman, he might be scrutinized by the public for what he is or where he came from which may take away from his abilities to continue to fight the “bad guys.” He recognizes that his anonymity is for the greater good of society.

I think anyone who displays an action of “greater good” can be considered a hero, also someone who can act selflessly, not only in times of need, but at any time. With the recent passing of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many people have stepped up and fulfilled the needs of others, without having to be asked to do so. Social media and the news have been flooded with heartwarming stories of strangers risking their lives just to help someone to safety. In my own neighborhood a seven year old girl held a lemonade stand and sold home made chocolate chip cookies in her front yard and was able to raise almost $1300 to send to the Houston SPCA. She recognized a need of others and decided to do something about it. She wasn’t asked specifically to help, she wasn’t called upon by the Houston SPCA to raise funds, she simply took it upon herself to help others (with the support of her parents.) I would consider her a hero and at just seven years old. Maybe the “super” to her “hero” will come along eventually, as she grows and evolves as a person her capabilities to help will also grow.


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