Real Housewives of …

For my second weekly assignment I became the newest “Real Housewife!” I’ll admit this series is one of my guilty pleasures. I may not be current on episodes or have seen every spinoff city, but I do guiltily watch this show from time to time.

The tagline I decided would be best is “If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.” I have often been given comments in parking lots or at the grocery store checkout like “Wow! You have YOUR hands full!” or “They look like they’re a handful.” Indicating that my children are almost too much to handle or almost out of grasp/control. I’ll admit that my children are not always the most well behaved. They can paw at each other in a shopping cart, steal each others snack, trip each other for their own amusement and blame the one who isn’t there for the mess that was created. However, at some point in the day my heart bursts with love when I hear someone say “Mama….luhh yoo” or a “Thanks, Mom! That dinner was so amazing!” (even though it was only fish sticks, rice and green beans.) So, although my kids can be a handful they fill my heart with a love I could have never imagined.

I used the instrumental from the introduction of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” as background music just like the other housewives have when saying their taglines. Then, I continued the rest of the introduction with the other housewives taglines in an effort to make my tagline sound like it was part of the show.


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  1. I will admit that reality TV is a guilty pleasure of mine, too. I appreciate the thought you put into your tagline. It’s short, sweet, and it successfully conveys the love you have for your family. It blended nicely with the rest of the show’s intro. I might have to try this assignment in the future!

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