Radio Show: Week One

This week’s planning of the radio show was kicked off on Tuesday, when I sent an e-mail to the group. Ashley responded with a Google doc link to be used for collaborating and brainstorming. On Wednesday morning I went into the Google doc and started putting together the ideas from the team mates into an outline that we could use for our radio show. I also created a “sign up” to allow team members to choose what they wanted to work on out of the ideas I had outlined. Leah suggested some new ideas that we incorporated into the outline as well. We also have advised the team that we will need to create a name for our radio show in order to create a logo/promo poster. I have also asked the team for their approval of the outline and/or additional edits by the end of the day on Wednesday. That way the team has at least two days to complete individual assignments in regards to the radio show by Friday’s deadline.



As of Friday, October 13th all members of the group has made contact with each other to move forward with the project. I think we have a great outline and our show is in good shape.

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