LAST Weekly Summary

For this project, I chose to focus on The Beast losing his powers and how he moved on with his life. We don’t normally see superheroes as everyday people, so I thought this was a cool perspective to take. I had decided to use audio, design, and video to put together this story (as outlined in my post Saving The Beast, Part 1). However, when I began thinking of how my story was evolving, I realized that a young Beast shouldn’t sound or look the same as grown up Beast. So, I did some adjusting to my plan and decided to make the “podcast” journal entry into a written journal entry. I kept with the design element for the anti bullying campaign. Lastly, instead of an on-camera interview, I moved forward with a radio interview of The Beast, because that was more convenient for my volunteer portraying The Beast.


The journal entry and anti-bullying campaign poster were fairly straightforward. I have been working on blog posts every week this semester, so that part wasn’t very difficult. The storytelling aspect took more time than I thought it would. I had to be write creatively and put together a story that made sense with the character as well as the previous posts I had done involving The Beast. The design component was also straightforward. I’ve worked with Canva often in this class, as well as for my internship, so I’m really comfortable with utilizing it at this point.


The last component was the radio interview. This was the most time consuming as it was essentially a mini radio show project that I was completing on my own. I used a radio show bumper as a transition into the interview segment then signed off at the end of the interview.



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