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For this post I was challenged with finding an example blog where the author’s voice shines through. A post where you can hear the author speak to you and see their wit and humor. I’ll admit, I didn’t need to look very long. My Grandfather is the best author I’ve ever read. Maybe its because I can hear his voice telling me these stories as I read his posts, but he is also an award winning blogger. So, while I maybe biased, I think my opinion is validated. I chose a simple post about procrastination and laundry. He passed away a few years ago in December of 2014, but his blog is still up and my Dad and Uncle Buck post from time to time. It’s a great read and he’s pretty funny.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Laundry Day…

… here at El Casa Imóvil De Pennington, about which… this:

Further on “Procrastination…” It occurred to me last evening that one of my “issues” these days is the decided lack of nagging in my life. Now most men would consider this particular lack a blessing, and I most certainly DO… most of the time. But, let’s be honest about this, Guys. A lot of stuff gets done around the house (other places, too) simply because the nag-ee desperately wants the nag-er to STFU. Or more diplomatic words to that effect. Men being men, inertia will raise its ugly lil head in the absence of “motivation.” We’ll do what’s expedient, we’ll do the absolute minimum of what’s required to keep us breathing, fed, and smelling less bad to those we encounter, and we’ll most definitely accomplish things that must be done in the face of penalties… such as paying the bills on time. But we’ll also put off to the VERY LAST MICROSECOND those things we find distasteful or even boring. If left to our own devices, that is.

In my current situation, for example, I find reading every single game recap and poring over obscure hockey stats infinitely preferable to, say, doing laundry. Especially since I haven’t even come close to tapping the emergency vintage tee shirt supply, and I don’t wear socks once the temp is consistently over 60 degrees. Ergo: there’s no real need to do laundry, yet. That changes, once the supply of clean clothes runs out. Or: I’ll be off to the laundromat in my LAST clean tee shirt at the very last microsecond.

Necessity is the Mom of Execution in My World. NOT invention, as is commonly thought.

Oh. I don’t want a live-in nag, thankyouverymuch, if you’re thinking along those lines.

Procrastination may be bad, but there are worse things in life.

Well, we don’t have to hie our Old Ass off to the laundromat any longer, seein’ as how we have our very own washer and dryer now.  But, that said, it’s still a right royal Pain-In-The-Ass to do laundry and I ran it right down to the very last moment these past few weeks.  Which is to say we were but ONE tee-shirt from having to break out the vintage tees, linked above.


A link to the actual post can be found here.



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