DS106 Multi-Modal Introduction


Summer Lovin' Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

When asked “Who are you? Who is Amanda Pennington?” the first response that pops into my mind is always “The T’s Mom.” These are my T’s! From left to right, Tristan (son- 2 years old), Taurean (boyfriend of almost 11 years), Tatum (daughter-1 year old) and Taurean (son-9 years).


I used all available characters in my very first tweet. I think the limited number of characters will be my biggest challenge on this social space, and it is possibly why I have never had an interest in joining Twitter previously.


YouTube Video


I found recording myself to be very awkward and it took me about 20 (no kidding) tries to get to this “um” filled video. I haven’t deleted most of the previous takes…yet. Maybe they will make their way into a future project this semester as a “blooper reel.”


This is one of the songs from the 2011 remake of the movie Footloose.  It was one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack and It’s my attempt to incorporate the Superhero theme into this week’s assignments.



One thought on “DS106 Multi-Modal Introduction

  1. I like the speedbumps metaphor. Nothing here stops you from moving through. The ride may get a little rough, but we keep moving on. in the same vein, I think the creativity comes through creating. Even if our ideas don’t seem very good, or the product doesn’t come out as well as we’d like, we make stuff, we learn from it, and we keep going and generating more ideas. Glad to have you in the class!

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