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For one of my weekly assignments I created a collage about myself. The collage includes pictures of myself, my family, things that help describe who I am and what I enjoy doing.

One of the first things that come to mind when I think of myself as a person is a multitasker. I have multiple roles in my life including mom, girlfriend, sister, daughter, student and employee, just to name a few. The role of “mom” has several more roles within itself including care taker, maid, cook, taxi driver, teacher, and so much more. I’m constantly juggling and balancing all of these roles and prioritizing and re-prioritizing as the day goes on. The role of mom is also my favorite title in life! I have never been more full of pride and love than when I stared at my newborn babies in my arms for the first time. They are and continue to be my greatest accomplishment.

While my children are my greatest accomplishment, I don’t want raising them to be my only accomplishment. That is why I have dedicated years of my life to earning a bachelor’s degree. I am hopeful that I will be able to begin a fulfilling career after graduating from University of Mary Washington.

Since I am a mom of three and full time student, my budget is tight. Very tight. This is the primary reason why I love to shop great sales, clip coupons and seek out the lowest priced quality items that I need. I use store apps, literally cut coupons from the paper, check weekly sales flyers, belong to several store rewards programs and do my due diligence in research before large purchases. I’m always on the hunt for a good deal and love that I can find ways to afford the things my kids want and not just what they need.

Target is one of our favorite places to go because of the variety of ways I can save (5% off with my Target Red debit card, Cartwheel app coupons, paper coupons, sales and 70% off clearance!) Plus, they have these huge carts that I can buckle both my little ones into and let all three of my kids quietly share popcorn while I browse aisle after aisle without any nagging about being bored/tired/wanting a snack. I’ll admit, we use Target as an afternoon escape and not just a shopping trip.

Even before I had kids I had a passion for interior design, interior decorating, and home styling. I would watch TV shows like TLC’s “Trading Spaces” instead of cartoons and I would drag my Mom into Home Depot and Lowe’s so that I could choose paint swatches and price out materials like crown molding for my latest design ideas. I even presented a design idea to her once, convincing her I should paint my ceiling red! That probably wasn’t my best idea, but at 14 years old I thought it was so cool! After having my oldest son at such a young age I put dreams of going to school for interior design out of my head thinking I wouldn’t be able to make a successful career out of it. However, lately I’ve become re-inspired since watching HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” as I folded laundry/cooked meals/played legos. The fresh design ideas, the architectural concepts and the return on investment was addicting. I’ve begun reading “The Magnolia Story” which is written by the stars of the show about how they got started building their multi-million dollar home decorating empire and now Joanna Gaines is my new hero. This past Summer my mom and two younger sisters drove through Waco, TX (where their Magnolia stores are located) and brought me home a shirt and hat! I was so jealous and so excited!

Then, there’s the man that stands beside me through it all. My boyfriend of eleven years and father to our three children. We met at just 16 years old as the football player and cheerleader. We became best friends, we grew up together, and became parents together. He supports me juggling everything I do and is always there to catch whatever I may drop in my efforts to “do it all.” He makes me laugh harder than anyone else and knows when I need to be called out and when I need a listening ear. He helps coach our son’s football team, turns bedtime into a dance party and is willingly wrapped around our daughter’s little finger.

That’s me in a collage.


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