Weekly Summary: Week Twelve

This week I was tasked with completing 12 stars of MashUp assignments. So, first up for 4.5 stars was the “Close Up” assignment that challenged me to take a close up picture of someone and put it on a new background. Check out the new Mt. Rushmore (renamed to Eastrush) in my blog post Eastrush. […]

Weekly Summary: Week Nine

For my choice of assignments this week I chose “Photo Through Different Lenses” where I took an everyday object, like a pen, and photographed it in unique ways. I documented my process in A pen is a pen, unless…. This week I also completed six stars of web assignments. I started with making a “Finsta” for […]

Summary: Week 11

This week was more fun than last week. I enjoyed putting my videos together and it came easier to me than it did last week. This week’s challenge was time management. As the semester progresses I find it difficult to remember this course until mid-week then I scramble to complete everything whereas in the beginning […]

Summary: Week 10

Holy moly! What a week! This week was super busy for ds106 assignments. But, one must carry on…and that we did.   First up, the daily creates! I always forget about these until the last 48 hours. Luckily, only two were required this week!   @ds106dc #tdc2115 I’m the worst drawer I know…so I focused […]

Summary: Week Seven

This week I began working with my group to brainstorm and conceptualize a radio show that will last approximately 30-42 minutes. We collaborated on brainstorming in a Google doc and I wrote a post reflecting on this week’s progress titled Radio Show: Week One I also completed a couple daily creates. The first of which I completed on […]

Weekly Summary

This week I completed 10 stars worth of Design Assignments as well as the Super Tattoo assignment. The first assignment I tackled was One Story/Four Icons. I used four icons to represent one of my favorite movies, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I had a hard time at first deciding what movie would be a good […]

Summary: Week Four

I enjoyed this week’s daily creates more than last week’s. I enjoyed taking different shadow pictures for the September 19th daily create. We got to the playground at about 6pm and it was the perfect time to get some great shadow pics. @ds106dc My shadow picture for #tdc2080 #ds106 pic.twitter.com/jmu5JhrWdM — Amanda Pennington (@Ms_AmandaP) September […]

Summary: Week Three

This week was a crazy week. I looked a daily creates more than three times this week, but kept putting them off. That was a bad idea as I only has three days to complete three daily creates and I forgot one of those days, so I have these two to share with you.   #tdc2075 […]