Summary: Week 10

Holy moly! What a week! This week was super busy for ds106 assignments. But, one must carry on…and that we did.   First up, the daily creates! I always forget about these until the last 48 hours. Luckily, only two were required this week!   @ds106dc #tdc2115 I’m the worst drawer I know…so I focused […]

Your move, chief

The first task this week was to do a video essay of a scene of my choice. One of my favorite movies is “Good Will Hunting,” so I decided to roll with this option. In the movie Robin Williams plays a psychologist who is trying to help a brilliant young man (Matt Damon) who is […]

Radio Show, Part 2

During this final week the radio show has proved to be a little challenging. It was difficult to get everyone on the same page because it took a few days to get everyone on the same page. That being said, our group came up with some great segments. It was great being able to collaborate […]

Radio Show: Week One

This week’s planning of the radio show was kicked off on Tuesday, when I sent an e-mail to the group. Ashley responded with a Google doc link to be used for collaborating and brainstorming. On Wednesday morning I went into the Google doc and started putting together the ideas from the team mates into an outline […]