LAST Weekly Summary

For this project, I chose to focus on The Beast losing his powers and how he moved on with his life. We don’t normally see superheroes as everyday people, so I thought this was a cool perspective to take. I had decided to use audio, design, and video to put together this story (as outlined in […]

Saving The Beast, Part 2

The Beast realized his powers were gone. He documented when he first realized his powers no longer existed and his feelings about becoming a “normal” kid in a journal entry titled Is this the end?   Flash forward ten years and The Beast is now “just” a man campaigning against bullying. He revealed his alter […]

Anti-Bullying Campaign

After he lost his powers, The Beast grew up to become an anti-bullying advocate and used his platform as a former superhero to spread the message of “everyone can do something to prevent bullying.” This “poster” was created to be shared across social media as a message from The Beast. the tagline was intentionally kept […]

Is this the end?

Dear Journal,   The other day at school I overheard someone talking about how they were shoved up against the lockers, so I planned on being there at the same time the next day. I showed up to confront the bullies expecting everything to be normal. But when I had to step up to the […]


When reflecting on this course and thinking of the advice I would give to future ds 106ers, I think it would come down to time management. Assignments may seem simple when you first read them, but once you start them, issues begin to develop and the assignment can become way more time consuming than you […]

Weekly Summary: Week Twelve

This week I was tasked with completing 12 stars of MashUp assignments. So, first up for 4.5 stars was the “Close Up” assignment that challenged me to take a close up picture of someone and put it on a new background. Check out the new Mt. Rushmore (renamed to Eastrush) in my blog post Eastrush. […]

Weekly Summary: Week Nine

For my choice of assignments this week I chose “Photo Through Different Lenses” where I took an everyday object, like a pen, and photographed it in unique ways. I documented my process in A pen is a pen, unless…. This week I also completed six stars of web assignments. I started with making a “Finsta” for […]