Radio Show, Part 2

During this final week the radio show has proved to be a little challenging. It was difficult to get everyone on the same page because it took a few days to get everyone on the same page. That being said, our group came up with some great segments. It was great being able to collaborate […]

Radio Show: Week One

This week’s planning of the radio show was kicked off on Tuesday, when I sent an e-mail to the group. Ashley responded with a Google doc link to be used for collaborating and brainstorming. On Wednesday morning I went into the Google doc and started putting together the ideas from the team mates into an outline […]

Summary: Week Seven

This week I began working with my group to brainstorm and conceptualize a radio show that will last approximately 30-42 minutes. We collaborated on brainstorming in a Google doc and I wrote a post reflecting on this week’s progress titled Radio Show: Week One I also completed a couple daily creates. The first of which I completed on […]

Weekly Summary

This week I completed 10 stars worth of Design Assignments as well as the Super Tattoo assignment. The first assignment I tackled was One Story/Four Icons. I used four icons to represent one of my favorite movies, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I had a hard time at first deciding what movie would be a good […]

Branding Gossip Girl

For this assignment I used to create a logo that could be used by New York City’s Upper East Side blogger of Manhattan’s elite. She is an anonymous blogger, but could use this logo as an icon on her blog or social media pages. I chose the pink and curvy font to be more feminine […]