DS106 Multi-Modal Introduction

Flickr When asked “Who are you? Who is Amanda Pennington?” the first response that pops into my mind is always “The T’s Mom.” These are my T’s! From left to right, Tristan (son- 2 years old), Taurean (boyfriend of almost 11 years), Tatum (daughter-1 year old) and Taurean (son-9 years). Twitter This is IT! My […]

Today’s Nap Time Was Not Long Enough

Remember when you used to HATE taking a nap when you were a kid? Your parents usually insisted upon it saying something like “You need your sleep” or “If you want to be big and strong like Iron Man/Captain America,/the Hulk/Whichever one is your favorite for this immediate 10 minutes, then you need to take […]